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As Universal Wisdom is the Supreme Master of all levels in creation and all life of the universe, it shall, therefore, be the guide or principle by which all mankind shall aspire to live.

The healing of mind, body and spirit is but one and is governed by this Universal Wisdom.

It is the belief of the members of the Congregation that upheaval of the morals and inferiority of human values have been the results of a departure of mankind from the ideals expressed by Universal Wisdom. This, we believe, has resulted in a sick and decaying society whose redemption can only be brought about by a blending of Universal Intelligence with man's innate mind. This blending must be initiated by correction of all interference of the brain and central nervous system by forces physical or otherwise that would prevent a free flow of life to all human parts.

After correction of the interference through the above mentioned avenues, the free and unimpeded flow of life energy should be maintained through Universal Wisdom.

Laying on of hands to the vertebrae shall be the sole means of maintaining the LIFE FORCE through Universal Wisdom

The health and purity of body, mind and spirit shall be the supreme attainment of mankind; to be expressed through Universal Wisdom, a beautiful and meaningful world in harmony with all living things as all living things are the expression of God and/or Universal Wisdom.

No living thing shall have the power to possess Universal Wisdom but in the presence thereof become the radiation, conductor of life force. 

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