Congregation of Universal Wisdom - Moral Obligation

Congregation of Universal Wisdom



No court or civil legal body or any tribunal anywhere in the universe shall proclaim itself master in judgment over the physical, mental or spiritual health of any living thing.  The only true judge is God in harmony with universal forces and no other living being possess the intellect to judge such matters.

The Congregation in adherence to their spiritual belief and religion are bound by their moral obligation to make resistance and refusal to such judgments in keeping with their committed belief and practice.

It shall be consider a breach of Constitutional rights in a free society to subjugate, force by edict, civil judgment or criminal judgment a conscientious Congregational member to submit to beliefs other than those precepts or principles which bind them to the Congregation of Universal Wisdom.

It shall also be noted that a member is conscientiously opposed to killing, maiming or willfully injuring a fellow living being whether by edict, act of war or dint of circumstance.

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